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April 23rd - LG 1.6 Draft!

March 28, 2011 2:36PM

We have returned with another DRAFT event the weekend before the ESEA LAN Finals! The Draft Event does not require you to have a team, so you don't have to worry about your set five showing up. You show up with yourself and your gear and you get ready to play. The top players in the event will be set as captains and the players are then drafted to teams.

This is an event you do not want to miss. Whether you are looking to get your name out in the LAN scene, trying to find a team, or just want to have fun, this event if for you. If you ask many of the pros today, they would tell you to go to your local LANS and prove yourself. This is a way for you to find a team for upcoming LG Team events, or even other LAN events across the nation.

The rules are simple and are made to make this a fun and enjoyable event.


1. All players sign up as individuals.
2. The day of the draft, LG will determine the top players and will assign them the role of captain.
3. The pick order of the captains will be decided randomly. Each captain will choose one player until all the players have been chosen.
4. We will use the snake format of drafting - 1->2->3->4->4->3->2->1.
This will ensure that the teams will remain even.
5. Once the draft portion is finished we will play a normal format of LG. Group Play then Double Elimination.
6. Prizes works the same way as a normal LG, cash and sponsored prizes.
7. All picks are FINAL, you will not be able to trade players or picks.

All other rules are that of a normal LG event.

The cost of the event will be $20 per person, and you are required to bring your own headset, keyboard, mousepad, and mouse. Some equipment may be available for rental.

To register for the event, or to ask questions, sign up at www.lethalgamers.com


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